Counterweights for movable bridge

For the drawbridge in Stalhille we supplied the counterweights (4 x 4600 kg) that are attached at the top of the four pillars. 

The bridge is a completely new type in its kind and was designed by engineering firm Ney & Partners
Winner of the Steel Construction Prize 2008 elected in Category D: Civil Engineering. Winner of the Footbridge Awards 2011 'Technical short-span'

The patterns were made in polystyrene so no draft was applied to the pieces and the design remains very sleek. 

What we have done

  • Pattern production in Polystyrene.
  • Casting of the counterweights and machining fastening surfaces and holes.
  • Blasting and metallizing.
Closed Bridge
Open bridge
Foam pattern.
Rough castings. Test block an lifting points attached
4 counterweights in supports
Ready for lifting
mounting of the counterweights
Finished assembled bridge in closed position

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